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One to One Behavior Therapy

Our approach to one to one behavior therapy is naturalistic and play-based. Each child is unique, so every session is tailored to your child’s goals. A natural learning environment allows us to cater to your child’s comfort and preferences as we incorporate learning opportunities into their routines to improve communication, cognitive, social, and adaptive skills. Our collaborative service provides a safe, nurturing environment that is neurodivergent-affirming for a positive self-concept and confidence. 

Social Skills Group

Our social skills groups foster a supportive and structured environment where children can learn and practice pivotal social skills. Sessions are led by experienced professionals who focus on teaching communication, socialization, emotional regulation, problem-solving, and self-advocacy skills. Our approach to each session centers on fun and engaging activities to help your children develop the confidence they need to navigate social situations with ease and to form meaningful relationships with their peers, family members, and the community. Social skills groups are currently offered at our clinic in Tustin. 


Caregiver Consultation

We walk alongside you in this journey as a resource to help you and your child thrive. Parent and caregiver consultation is an invaluable service to facilitate your family member's independence. Our primary goal is to equip you with strategies to build upon your child's strengths while managing any behavioral difficulties in a variety of settings relevant to your family.

To inquire about ABA services, please complete our Intake Form by following the secure link below:

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